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Grand Nan Shan (Fogang) Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Hantang Guangbanling, Longnan Town, Fogang, Qingyuan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
+86-769-87712734 +ext +18


Product Name: Graphite ElectrodeModel Number: ZJWk01015-0015Place of Origin: ChinaFeatures:1) High power and ultra high power2) Diameter: from 225mm to 500mmOuter packing:In cartons
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336x280 banner
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Зерна графита
 Graphite Grain (Зерна графита)
It can be used to make graphite-plastic pipes. When purified by actives gases, itcan be used in various components in semiconductor equipment. The special sizeis according to customers demands.
Электрод графита
 Plumbago Electrode (Электрод графита)
Product Name: Plumbago ElectrodePlace of Origin: ChinaGraphite electrode is a major conduction material used in the electric smelting industry, which has the properties of superior electric conductivi
High Power графитовый электрод
We are one of the biggest manufacturers of graphite electrode in west of China. We can provide:High power graphite electrodeDiameter: 300-350mm $1500Diameter: 400mm $1650Diameter: 500mm $1820Ultra hig
Графитового анода
 Graphite Anode (Графитового анода)
The graphite anode is used to electrolyze water solution to produce chlorine andcaustic soda produce caustic soda.
Графитовый электрод
 Graphite Electrode (Графитовый электрод)
Features:1) High power and ultra high power2) Diameter: from 225mm to 500mmOuter packing:In cartons

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