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Via Industria 1, Torri di Quartesolo, Vicenza, Italy


We have offered our customers high quality Single and Double Cone Winder for textile industry for many years, Please contact with us if you have any interest in our products.
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Вышивальные машины
Multi-heads(2 - 36) with multi-needles(3,6,9,12), single head with multi-needles(3,6,9,12), auto cut system, high speed embroidery machine seriesLc at sight
Флокирование машины
We can supply Flocking Machine including pile-planting machine.
Италия - прецизионные детали для текстильных машин (2006088)
Italian company, established in 1875, for over a century has been at the cutting edge in the field of textile machinery accessories. Since its foundation, it has been a solid reference point for the m
Италия - Second Hand машины для текстильной промышленности (2006207)
Italian company is a supplier of services and second hand textile machinery and it is engaged in the home and foreign textile industry markets since 1993.It is specialized in particular in the cotton
Вязание детали машин
Material: Stainless steelPacking:50pcs/paper packet,5000pcs/caseMini-order:5000pcs
Сизаль машины и сизаль продукты
We can supply various sisal/jute/flax processing machines and sisal products, such as sisal fibre, sisal yarn, sisal rope, sisal fabric and sisal carpet with or without glued back, edged sisal carpet,
Машины для производства белья
We can supply series advanced underwear making machines, such as hook and eye sewing machines, pneumatic sponge shape machine, high precision sponge cutter, pneumatic elastic fabric shape machine, pne
Водорастворимые фильм
PVA water soluble film for embroidery,It can dissolve in water with normal temperature and the effect is better than hydro non-woveb cloth,it has many different specifications in thickness such as 30
Тканые сумки производственная линия
Product Name: Woven Bag Production LinePlace of Origin: ChinaWoven bag production line is formed by plastic tape stretching line,circular loom, industrial sewing machines, printing machine, materialre

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