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Via Industria 1, Torri di Quartesolo, Vicenza, Italy


Italian company, established in 1875, for over a century has been at the cutting edge in the field of textile machinery accessories. Since its foundation, it has been a solid reference point for the most prestigious international brands of textile machinery manufacturers, thanks to the complete range of process technologies used. These range from ceramic and metal products to wear resistant surface treatments:- ceramic thread guides- metal thread guides- assembled thread guides.The catalogue includes hundreds of ceramic and metal thread guides for several textile processes, from spinning to weaving and knitting.Different materials and surface finishing are available for different purposes, i. E. Wear resistant, antistatic or low friction materials, polished or satin finished surfaces. They can also supply assembled ceramic and metal articles, or plastic components either assembled or moulded. The production is totally guaranteed by the Quality Control Office: Besides strict final tests on the finished parts, accurate checks are performed throughout the various phases of the diverse production cycles.Beside ceramic product manufacture, the company is well organised for production of metallic components and accessories: The latest generation automated machines for metal thread bending, high power shearing machines for metal sheet cutting, and grinding and polishing machines, allow it.Besides the catalogue list of thread guides for textile machinery, the companys production is highly focused on tailor made articles, both for machinery manufacturers and, in many cases, end-users who wants to make adjustments according to their own needs.In fact, in the last 30 years the company has diversified its production. Successfully results have been obtained into electrical end electronic, agricultural, mechanical and biomedical fields, aerospace, as well as automobile, chemical and telecommunications industries.The company wishes to get in touch with representatives and agents interested in importing and distributing precision parts for the textile industry.Target countries: Russia, Czech Republic, Poland and Turkey
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