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Quanzhou Kaiyuan Meifeng Metal Wire Factory
Kengwei Road, Beifeng Industrial Zone, Quanzhou, Fujian, China (Mainland)


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 Precision Part (Высокоточным)
1) Parts for fixture and the improvement for equipment2) The equipment of machining include mill, lathe, cut, CNC, grinding machines3) The machining degree reaches to +/-0.01 (mill and lathe), +/-0.00
Кварцевый хрусталь
 Quartz Crystal Cut (Кварцевый хрусталь)
We are an agency of exporting quartz crystal cut.Quartz Crystal Cut is a kind of product be manufacturing and cutting from a piezoelectric crystal plate. It has many shapes-he disk and the long piece.
 Refractometer (Рефрактометр)
Hand type or digital refractometers, can measure brix, salinity, clinical protein (Urine), antifreeze/battery/cleaning/fluid, alcohol, honey, grape, gem, soybean milk ect.
Передача части
 Turning Part (Передача части)
Product Name: Turning PartModel Number: DSCF2848Place of Origin: ChinaTolerance: 0.03mmPacking:Wooden box
Универсальный шарнир Вал
 Universal Joint Shaft (Универсальный шарнир Вал)
Universal joint shaft:1) SWC type Cardan shaft2) SWP type Cardan shaft3) SWZ type Cardan shaft4) LQA type Cardan shaft
Cnc металла
We supply the various kinds of products but small quantity without paying for the huge amount of mould costs such as Outside Panels for UPS/AVR, Racks, Rack Cases, Store Fixtures, Outside Forming of H
Италия Механик Precision токарный цех (2006050 / BU)
Mechanic precision turning shop, established in 1963, manufactures machined parts starting from customers drawings, such as particulars for implantology, box and connectors, contacts, fiber optics com
Италия-Precision точеные Металлические детали (2006107 / Bu)
Italian machine shop, established in 1968, manufactures turned precision metal parts.The machined parts are custom-tailored according to customers requirements and designs.The processed materials incl
Части машины и принадлежности
Features:1) Sell OEM machinery parts and accessories.2) Mechanical parts made using casting / forging /stamping processing and then CNCprecision machined3) We can nearly make all kinds of high precisi

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 Fixture for SMT
 Precision Part
 Agricultural Packaging
 Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Element
 Metal Cartridge Heating Element
 Mica Heating Element
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