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C24 Road 06 LeMinhXuan industrial park, Binh Chanh Dist, HoChiMinh, Vietnam


Initialize seven special designsImprove packing/quality exaltation/packing speed/save materialTension: 0~250%/atrophyPre-stretch: tension range 0-250% to save film materialNo limit speed shift: soft start and stop to prevent product from droppingPartial strengthen: switch packing design to make fastest packing speed for different productsTurntable orientation: turntable positions automatically to ensure positioning accuracySelf-protection switch: when plant is in abnormity, the film carriage reach the top or bottom to protect from collisionPhotocell device: the height of packing product is detected by sensor to track best packing height for each productTension control: a mechanical flexible braking is applied to film tension control to get perfect protection for productBreak film automatically: break film automatically to save time after finish packing (weight should exceed 250kg)Special design I: 12 rollers to be 2 groups in certain angle to uphold steadily and run smoothlySpecial design II: adopt mighty belt in replacement of chain for conveying to reduce noise and eliminate potential trouble caused by chains break, patent buckle design ensures safety of film carriageSpecial design III: traditional hatch is ahead and easy trip by touch and the weight is always in the back, so we make the hatch in the back convenient for movingSpecial design IV: chassis is in integrative "U" model and close to the turntable, so the equipment will not be damaged because of the film jammed in the turntableSpecial design V: integrative arch design for pillar perfect the design and facility enfolding design make personal installation come true and make it safe to move and installSpecial design VI: electric parts are original imported and equipped with aero socket, easy for maintenanceSpecial design VII: optional mechanical and electromagnetic film carriage, remote-control device, pulley ramp availableModel no.: JT-2000Turntable diameter: 1,500mm/1,800mmMax. wrapping height: 2,100mm/2,400mmMax. wrapping area: 1,300 x 1,300mmMax. wrapping weight: 2,000kgTurntable speed: 2-15Film elevation speed: 0-3m/minFilm width: 20"Motor turntable: 1HPElevator: 1/2HPMachine dimensions: 2,650 x 1,500 x 2,450mmWeight: 500kgFilm tension control: pre-stretch tension control
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