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30 Leicester Square, London, United Kingdom
+44-020-7379 +6887


FEATURES1. CSM-800 for professional model builders, interior designers and carpenters.2. Ensures perfectly accurate, straight cutting of non-ferrous metal, wood, acryl and plastic.3. Slide attachment for safe and precise cutting4. The depth of cut is adjustable from 0~35mm and the blade may be tilted through 45SpecificationsWork table size 800 x 460mm(Extention 1025mm)Saw blade Diameter: 100-150mmBore: 25.4mmMain spindle speed 3000rpm(60Hz)Height of saw blade 0-35mmMotor Induction motor1600rpm, 200WSwitch Relay type, Foot swichWeight 40kg
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336x280 banner
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We sell different types of metal cutting, sharping, drilling tools of high quality. If you want to import & distribute these products in your region,
Алмазные диски
1. Commodity Name: Diamond BladesModel: YM07350Specifications:Cold pressOuter diameter (d) : inches14, metric (mm) 350Inner diameter (H) : inches12, metric (mm) 25. 450Segment dimension (txtxl) : 3. 2
Foam Cutter HCM
- features1. Foam cutter for architecture model builders, designer, decorators and artists etc.2. Ensures quick cutting of styrofoam and various thermoplastic materials3. The cutting wire gets fully h
Foam Cutter HCM-S Plus
- FEATURES1. Ensures clean surface for cutting EPS foam( Styrofoam) at variable speeds.2. Good For holiday decorations, model builders, architects, interior designers, school arts, sign designers and
Fusion Лезвия Бритвы
1)Type: 4-s and 8-s available2)Compatible with gillette fusion handles and gillette fusion power handles3)Nice price and quick delivery by expressPacking:Original, neutral, or customized
Стекло Клещи
Features:1) Sizes: 8"2) Material: carbon steel3) Finish: fine polish4) Handle style: dipped plastic5) Products dimensions: 37 x 24 x 24cmInner packing:Slider blister card, double corrugated kraft
Ножовка Blade
Our main products mow are carbon steel saw blade of 12 inch, high-carbon steel saw blade(all hard, flexible), saw blade of double-sided tooth, high-speed steel hacksaw blade, hack-saw blade of double
Tightwire Клещи
Features:1) Sizes: 6", 8", 10"2) Material: carbon steel3) Finish: black4) Handle style: dipped plastic5) Products dimensions: 36 x 19 x 22cmPacking:Slider blister cardDouble corrugated
Tightwire Клещи
Product Name: Tightwire PliersModel Number: 050308Place of Origin: ChinaFeatures:1) Sizes: 6", 8", 10"2) Material: carbon steel3) Finish: black4) Handle style: dipped plastic5) Products

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