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30 Leicester Square, London, United Kingdom
+44-020-7379 +6887


- features1. Foam cutter for architecture model builders, designer, decorators and artists etc.2. Ensures quick cutting of styrofoam and various thermoplastic materials3. The cutting wire gets fully heatedin less than 1 second.4. Absolutely safe with inserted separating transformer.- specificationsWork table size 560 x 315mmWire height 210mmWire angle (front & behind) 45(left) 45(right) 20Wire diameter 0.18mmInput power single phase100,115,220,240vOutput power 0v(0) 7v(low) 10v(middle) 12v(high) 4stepDimensions 700 x 335 x 375mmWeight 6kg
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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