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Jinhua Huayang Industrial Co., Ltd
F12 World Trade Building, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


Data1.Size d 2mm, inside length t 12/22mm, ourside width b 8mm, weight per 100m 7/6kg,Breaking load 500n, type of link a/cData2.The cheapest and best quality chains you can find in chinaOther items, weldless chain: USA standard double loop chain, din5686 knotted chain,Animal chainStainless steel link chainFishing chain(hb>=400)Master linkHoist chainJapanese standard chain
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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сварная цепь
 welded link chain (сварная цепь)
DATA1.SIZE D 2MM, INSIDE LENGTH T 12/22MM, OURSIDE WIDTH B 8MM, WEIGHT PER 100M 7/6KG,BREAKING LOAD 500N, TYPE OF LINK A/CDATA2.the cheapest and best quality chains you can find in Chinaother items, w
Состояние 80 связующие звенья и крюки
Grade 80 Connecting Links And Hooks (Состояние 80 связующие звенья и крюки)
We are a manufacturer and supplier of Grade 80 coneecting links in China. Our products are being sold well to many countries including USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden. Please
Звездочки, наследный колесо шестерня, Оси
Sprockets, Crown Wheel Pinion, Axles (Звездочки, наследный колесо шестерня, Оси)
Manufacturers of Precision Engineering Parts: Gears, Gearboxes, Shafts, Worm Gears, Sprockets, Bevel Gears, Spline Shafts, for Agriculture Machinery Parts, Farm equipments, and various Industrial Uses
Boom цепи
We can supply all sizes of boom chains.
Корейский Стандартный ссылку Сеть
Product Name: Korean Standard Link ChainModel Number: A13Place of Origin: ChinaNominal size: from 3mm to 19mm for the short link chain, from 4mm to 19mm for the long link chainLength per pc: from 30m
Роликовые Сеть
we have offered roller chains for many years.
Роликовые Сеть
we have offered roller chains for many years.
Роликовые Сеть
We can supply series of Roller Chain.
Роликовые Сеть
We have offered roller chains for many years.

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