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Foshan City Nanhai District Guanhui Mechanical & Electric Equipment Industry Co., Ltd.
Wufangsha Village,Xiadong,Pingzhou, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong, China (Mainland) Zip: 528251


Material: PP/PSQuantity: 2,301ctns/20 GPPayment terms: T/T, 30% deposit, balance against receipt of B/L copyTransportation: by seaQty/dimensions: 1pcs/38.5x38.5x8.5cm
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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100 шт пищевых контейнеров
Different sizes for combination, especially for taken-away lunch.
Пищевых контейнеров
These small plastic food container are suitable for food storage, also suitable for reheating food and keeping food fresh in refrigerator, with vent-plug on the lid.
Обслуживание пластиковых лотков (SL507196)
Item no.: SL507196Size: 32.7*23CM.Stain Paper Design: Apple, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry
Пластиковые лотки
Material: PPItem no.: JCA801, JCA802, JCA803, JCA804Quantity: 1,000ctns/20 GP, 1,035ctns/20 GP, 1,208ctns/20 GP, 1,380ctns/20 GPPayment terms: T/T, 30% deposit, balance against receipt of B/L copyQty/
Лотки услуги
Our services trays are made of glass fiber and resin binding film. The brims are with reinforcing metallic bar to avoid deformation and cracking problem.They can resist high temperature of 120 C which
Diposable посуды
 Diposable Tableware (Diposable посуды)
Product Name: Diposable TablewarePlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures:1) Materials: PP, PS, PE2) Types: plastic fork, plastic spoon3) Different colors available4) We supply OEM to our customers
Нож, вилка, ложка, Тарелка, миска, кружка
 Knife, Fork, Spoon, Plate, Bowl, Mug (Нож, вилка, ложка, Тарелка, миска, кружка)
Features:1) Materials: PP/PS/PET2) Environmental protection3) Packing of OPP4) Knife, fork, spoon: 13.5-16.1mm5) Plates: all specifications6) Bowls: all specifications7) Mugs: 10ozInner packing100piec
Пластиковые лотки Овальный
 Plastic Oval Trays (Пластиковые лотки Овальный)
Product Name: Plastic Oval TraysModel Number: JCD316/JCD416/JCD516/JCD616/JCD716Place of Origin: ChinaMaterial: PPQuantity: 707ctns/20 GP, 659ctns/20 GP, 690ctns/20 GP, 630ctns/20 GP, 674ctns/20 GPPay
Пластиковые тарелки
 Plastic Plates (Пластиковые тарелки)
Features: 1) HIPS / KPS and PP plate2) High quality and reasonable price3) Sizes available: 7, 9, 10"Outer packing: 500pcs/ctnCarton dimensions (9"): 48 x 24.5 x 24cmCarton dimensions (10&qu

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