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6-4F, 3, Nanyang St., Taipei


Powerful high steam pressure can be used vertically ()Transparent water tank, 1 liter for 2 hours of continuous ironing without refilling water ()Stainless plate easy to glides smoothly over all types of fabric ()New lightweight & compact technology replaces the heavy, bulky boiler system ()Water tank & houses always stay cool compared to boiler tank system. No chance of scalding ()Water tank with pump allows continuous flow for high release steam action. Water flowrate 80 g/min. () () ()
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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ES-5000 эспрессо и капучино Кофеварка
ES-5000 Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker (ES-5000 эспрессо и капучино Кофеварка)
Material: PC plastic injection ()ES-5000 Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker ()Espresso and Cappuccino maker for up to 4 cups in a glass carafe ()Safety valve in the boiler cap ()Steam nozzle for fr
Travel Kit: Фен & Iron A 000 2 в 1
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A-8000 Ironing System (A-8000 система глажения)
1. Iron :800W, Boiler :1250W, Pressure : 3.5 bars.Chrome Metal body. . Stainless /304 of pressure. ()2. 1.1 liter cool P.P water tank & 0.85 liter innox boiler for Auto-refill water system. ()3. Cork
A 000 Cordless Iron тефлоновая подошва
A-2000 Cordless Iron Teflon Soleplate (A 000 Cordless Iron тефлоновая подошва)
Material: PC plastic injection ()Cordless, easy-to-glide ()Turbo steam 3 times more powerful than conventional steam iron ()Tap water applicable ()Thermostat temperature control () () () ()
A 001 Паровые и сухой железа с тефлоновой подошвой
A-2001 Steam and Dry Iron with Teflon Soleplate (A 001 Паровые и сухой железа с тефлоновой подошвой)
Material: PC plastic injection ()Turbo steam 3 times more powerful than conventional steam iron ()Thermostat temperature control ()Tap water applicable ()Detachable see through watertank. () () () ()

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