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No.341, Sec.1, Chung Yang Rd., Tu Cheng City Taipei,Taiwan,R.O.C.


Multi-purpose functional agricultural mulching paper for applying in ()Agricultural planting to solve the problems resulting from ()Weed control, pest control, sowing, growing seedlings, fertilization, ()Fertilizer saving and manpower saving, thereby increasing the economic() () () () ()
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EG-привет Q Сеянец Org
EG- hi Q Seedling Org (EG-привет Q Сеянец Org)
Ingredients: Amino acids, phospholipids, chili extract, garlic extract()Properties: protect and nourish seedlings and young plants; () increase the resistance against virus.() () () () () ()
EG-K полной Nutri & P
EG-complete nutri K&P (EG-K полной Nutri & P)
Ingredient: low nitrogen, high phosphorous & potassium, micro elements()Properties: enhance the rapid transfer to reproductive growth ; () enhance the root, stem and head growth in vegetable crops;()
EG-полной Нутри N
EG-complete nutri N (EG-полной Нутри N)
Ingredients: ()High conten with micro elements and growth factors()Properties: enhance the growth of, vegetative organs() () () () () (),
EG-Конти фрукты Org
EG-conti Fruit Org (EG-Конти фрукты Org)
Ingredients : high purity amino acids , glucosides, nucleic acids()Properties: forces reproductive growth, flower differentiatias and () vigorous flowers and fruit, highly recommended for () the prod
EG-привет фотосинтеза Org
EG-hi photosyn org (EG-привет фотосинтеза Org)
Ingredients: Amino acid , natural phosphatides, nature organic compoun() ()Properties: enhances the photosynthesis efficiency of leaves, () N-metabolism in plantsand prevents diseases; suitable for a
EG-привет Q фрукты Org
EG-hi Q fruit org (EG-привет Q фрукты Org)
Ingredients: high purity, sweetening amino acids and nucleic acid () () Properties: enhances fruit size, sweetness, () flavor and color of fruits; enhances root and stem () diameter of root and stem
ЭГ-Микро Con Nutri
EG-micro nutri con (ЭГ-Микро Con Nutri)
Ingredients: micro elements (B, Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, Mo. Mg, Co .etc() ()Properties: activating enzymes, improves photosynthesis;() improves stress resistance () () () () (),
EG-пыльца Grow Org
EG-pollen Grow Org (EG-пыльца Grow Org)
Nutrients for the rapid growth of flower parts and young fruits includ()Including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, nucleic acid and antioxidan()properties: induces the pollen production; ()Enhances t
Фрукты защите Paper Bag
Fruit Protection Paper Bag (Фрукты защите Paper Bag)
These functional paper bag can apply to the protection of any kind ()fruits as : pear , grapes , pomelo , mango , carambola , persimmon ,()date palm , banana , pomegranate , peach , sponge cucumber ,

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