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4F, 232, Jen Ai Rd., Sec. 4, Taipei


Natural rubber latex or polyvinyl chloride ()Powdered () () () () () () ()
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Conforming бинт
Conforming Bandage (Conforming бинт)
Soft and lightweight ()Moderate conforming stretch () () () () () () ()
Креп бинт
Crepe Bandage (Креп бинт)
Soft and lightweight ()Moderates stretched () () () () () () ()
Disp. F e Mask
Disp. Face Mask (Disp. F e Mask)
Non-woven materials offer superior comfort and breathability ()Tie-on type & ear loop ()Available with wrap around eye shield ()Mask with B.F.E. above 95% are available () () () () ()
Туалетная Изменение комплекта
Dressing Change Kit (Туалетная Изменение комплекта)
Customer configurations are available at the customer`s request () () () () () () () ()
Эластичный бинт
Elastic Bandage (Эластичный бинт)
Available in white and fresh color () () () () () () () ()
Марли Sponge
Gauze Sponge (Марли Sponge)
Ideal for wound dressing, general cleaning, and minor prepping Standard or X-ray detectable 4`` x 4``, or 4`` x 8`` Packaging: sterile (1, 2, 5, or 10 pcs / pouch) or non-sterile (100 pcs / bag) Plea
Губки марлевые, стерильные и нестерильные
Gauze Sponges, sterile or non-sterile (Губки марлевые, стерильные и нестерильные)
Material: 100% ()Ideal for wound dressing, general cleaning and minor prepping ()Plain or X-ray detectable () () () () () ()
Изоляция платье
Isolation Gown (Изоляция платье)
Spunbonded polypropylene non-woven material ()Water repellent, yet light weight, breathable, and comfortable ()Elastic cuffs are available for added protection ()Shoulder snaps are available for incr
Лапаротомия губки, стерильные или не стерильные
Laparotomy Sponge, Sterile or Non-sterile (Лапаротомия губки, стерильные или не стерильные)
Individually inspected and delinted under a light & vacuum grid ()Firmly stsitched radiopaque element for easy detection ()Blue loop make indentification and counting easier ()Regular or pre-washed (

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Ble h хл...
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