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8, Ind. 3Rd Rd., Ming Hsiung, Chiayi Hsien


Chao Su Frozen Food behan its` business from the design and manufacture frozen equipment, and started the dehydrated and freezedried food production in 1970`s. The company currently has two factories keeping in running; Taiwan factory provides the pro- ducts for domestic and Asia market, China factory is export the products to America and Europe. For more than 25 years experience in the field, currently we are not only have the ability to design and assembly the eq- uipment by ourselves, but also expanded our freeze dried capacity to 1,800 square meters. From 1997 , we started to develop organic planting in our 200 acres privaie farm in China, we use microbiology to make whole natural fertilizer and improve the soil, then we planting the vegetable without any chemicals inside by ourselves. So we contr- ol the quality from the material, not only during production. If you have any question, or need more information of our products, please contact us for promptly service. @
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