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9 Fu Ping Rd., Taiping City, Taichung Hsien


Special design with removable bottom ()High F# key ()Engraving Body (1 flower) ()High-grade case () () () () ()
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music stand (пюпитр)
1.moveable plate 2.adjustable button
PD2-003 5-PC Rock Drum Экипировка
PD2-003 5-PC Rock Drum Outfit (PD2-003 5-PC Rock Drum Экипировка)
Stable Hardware: Double brace stand ()Drum Shell with lacquer () () () () () () ()
PD2-010 тенор-Альто ксилофон
PD2-010 Tenor Alto Xylophone (PD2-010 тенор-Альто ксилофон)
25 bars ()With Mallets () () () () () () ()
PD2 03 Пламя серии Drum Outfit/PD2 04 5-PC Drum Экипировка
PD2-203 Flame Series Drum Outfit/PD2-204 5-PC Drum Outfit (PD2 03 Пламя серии Drum Outfit/PD2 04 5-PC Drum Экипировка)
PD2-203 Show your passion and make your audience feel your love of music. By playing the flame series drum otufits, it is easy to show your music enthusiasm. PD2-204 Showing you how brilliant the e
PD2 06A
PD2-206A (PD2 06A)
To presents the characteristics of maple wood, LAZER
Ударная Пункты
Percussion Items (Ударная Пункты)
See Attached Pictures
Ударная Пункты
Percussion Items (Ударная Пункты)
Versatile Hand Drums
Черный Snare Drum
Black Snare Drum (Черный Snare Drum)
Iron Plate Drum Shell:1.0mm (W/black nickel plated and clar lacquer) Iron Plate Drum Hoop:1.6mm Iron Tube Lug
Celluloid 5-PC Drum Экипировка
Celluloid 5-PC Drum Outfit (Celluloid 5-PC Drum Экипировка)
The incredible high quality celluloid will attract all attention and inspire player`s talents. You will be surprised and love this drum outfits immediately after playing personally.

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