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Arris tungsten carbide co.,ltd
No. 86, Mingri Rd, Tianyuan Dist, Zhuzhou, Hunan, China


 Tungsten carbide nozzles are widely used in ceramic industry, sandblasting insdustry and other related areas. Compared to other material, tungsten carbide nozzles are much better for the hardness and wear resistance. This result for longer lifetime and finally get more profit.    We have lot of experience for this kinds of TC products. And there are many different kinds of shape and size available. Such as 71015, 06500503, 06500504, 06500505, 06500506, 06500508, 06500509, ATM3504021, ATM3504053, ATM3504017, ATM3504033, ATM3504034 and so on.
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