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Yunnan Yuanjin Optical Co., Ltd.
Kegao Road, Xinyushengjin neighbor, Wuhua District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province,China(Mainland)


8x36 Durable military binoculars Description: The model of 8X36 military binoculars includes straps, canvas bag attachment lens cleaning cloth, instructions, desiccant, packaging box. The model of 8X36 military binoxulars meets the demand of modern war, the German technology, clarity, reaching the advanced level of similar products. German Marco Ronnie fiber body, high temperature resistant, low temperature index is better than that of metal materials. Purple blue coating, can effectively reduce glare. Wide-body non-slip design, integrated mirror cover. Professional nitrogen waterproof, anti-fog, with distance measuring function. German Marco Ronnie fiber, professional nitrogen waterproof. Military grade purple blue coating, high imaging definition. Wide-body non-slip design, integrated lens cover, with a distance function. The model of 8x36 military binoculars is very suitable for travel, outdoor sports, watching the game, performance, bird watching, observing wild animal, camping, mountain climbing, adventure, observe the terrain, enjoy the scenery etc. 8x36 Durable military binoculars Specifications: Magnification (Times): 8 Objective lens aperture(mm): 36 Transmissivity <83%(Graticulated side): >90% Exit pupil diameter(mm): 4.4 Field of view: 369FT/1000YD Coating film: Military grade purple blue film Focusing method: Binocular independent focusing Prism category: Bak4  Resolution ratio: ≤7" Measurement(mm): 178×52×129 Weight(N/G kg): 0.65/1.15 Carton size(mm): 535×465×200 The packing number: 10 Packing weight of each(kg) : 11.2 Newly-designed durable 8x36 military binoculars is best for you
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