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Amisy Mobile Food Cart Company
SOKEYUFA Building, NO.26 Jingliu Road


Food cart is a mobile kitchen that is set up on the street to serve street foods of any variety, and the trolly food carts are often found in large cities throughout the world. As a reliable investment projects with small invest& low risk, big profit &high return, the hand-push food cart is designed according to the practical ability of investors.CE Certified Hand Push Food Cart Features ☆ The trolly cart front veil is made of endurance plate and both sides of the cart body are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which ensures the high quality and a long service life. ☆ The inside and outside of the food cart are painted with high quality paint to ensure an elegant appearance. ☆ The bottom has 4 jacks and 4 wheels equipped with high-speed bearings. ☆ Light weight, energy-saving, eco-friendly, high efficiency. ☆ Can be equipped with kinds of standard accessories , fully-functional with choices of optional machinesIf you are interested in our hand push food cart, please let me know.
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