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Almina Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.
Basaksehir Sanayi Sitesi/Basaksehir/İstanbul
+90-212-671 +2760


Almina Tekstil AS is producing 100% PP Nonwoven Spunbonded Fabric between 12-150 gr/sqm for the industries of Furniture, Home textile, Medical, Wet tissue, Crop Cover, Green house, Shoe, Bag, Automotive, Advertisement and Promotion materials.  The Spunbonded Fabric used for Furniture and Home textile has mainly application areas at the production of Spring Mattress and Sofa Beds. Producers easily use this material at the all process of the production from pocket spring cover to layer and for quilting fabric etc… The Spunbonded Fabric has a wide application area for Medical industry needs hygiene and it is the raw material of disposable products like surgical operation table cloth, pinafore, bonnet, galosh, pad and wet tissue.The UV stabilized Spunbonded Fabric has wide application areas at foreign countries and is being grow up in domestic market is being preferred to crop cover and fast growth of plants. It is used for Shoe and Bag production as skin layer because of its color diversity, elasticity, and its strong structure. Its application areas for advertisement and promotion industries are quickly being wide because of its limitless color alternatives, fashionable appearance, soft and smooth surface, easy penetrable and economic specialties. It’s used for automotive industry as car cover /calash because of its strong structure and used for disposable service pinafores.
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