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Anyang Jinyuan Metallurgical Materials Co.,Ltd
Nanguxian Village, Qugou Town, Anyang County, Anyang, Henan, China (Mainland)


Detail Information1.Content:Si:30-70% C:4-20% 2.Admixture:S:0.4%max P:0.05%max Al:5%max3.Package:1MT/water proof big bag (All adjustable to customer's demands) Application1. Silicon content from 30~50% is used for silicon addition for iron making in the blast furnace and cupola;2. Silicon content from 50~70% is used for the deoxidization of steel making.   AdvatagesIt is a good substitute for FeSi in steel making, which has advantage in lowing the cost of production and reusing resource.   Certificates1. ISO Approval 2. Certified as "Qualified&Reliable" manufacturer by CIQ3.Mill's test reported as each 1MT/ p.p bag by CIQ  Production lead time &shippment1.Prompt producing after order,with 35 tons capability a day. 2.Shipment with 5 working days after production.(ship to Korea&Japan about 2 days,ship to Brazil(North America) about 35 days)  Specification BrandSiCSPAlcontent(%)≤(%max)Silicon slag30~704~200.40.055
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