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Информация о производителе
Athena Corporation
21-22 Sonia Nagar, Tb Dam Road, Bellary Dist, Hospet, Karnataka, India


With reference to your requirement of Lumpy chromite ore of Indonesian origin, we hereby confirm and supply following terms and conditions: -1. Material: Lumpy Chromite ore (6-300mm)2. Specification: Cr2o3: 50% min, Cr / Fe: 2. 45%Sio2: 6. 81%Al2o3: 0. 97%Fe2o3: 20. 0%S: 0. 015%P: 0. 03%MgO: 7. 25%Na2O: 0. 015%K2O: 0. 06%Size: 6-100mm ( / -5% max)50%3. Pric: USD 220 PMT FOBST SURABYA PORT4. Quantity: 2000 MT (duly packed and loaded in to container)5. Payment: Thru L / c.6. Sampling / analysis: SGS at the time of Loading7. Shipment: ImmediatelyPlease confirm per return fax.
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