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Информация о производителе
ARC Co., Ltd.
Chiangmai-Lamphang Superhighway, Muang, Lamphun, Thailand


The TIG welding inverter ARCTIG 170 DC is designed for TIG welding as well as for stick welding for professional use. The low system weight at 11 kgs. , small dimensions, and high reliability are the main features of this system. The single-phase power supply allows the system to be used in the construction and assembly field. This welding machine has two function in TIG-Welding mode and MMA-Welding (electrode) mode.Characteristics and functions in the TIG-Welding mode:- Max. Welding current 170 amps. DC- HF ignition unit- 2 cycles control or 4 cycles control selectable- Connector for Torch-Switch- Soft-Start and Soft-Down adjustable- Gas pre flow- Gas post flow adjustable- 100% duty cycle by 130 amps.Characteristics and functions in the MMA-Welding (electrode) mode:- Max. Welding current 140 amps. DC- Anti Stick function- Arc Force function- Hot Start function
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