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Qingdao Runfaster Horse Equipments Co.,ltd
No.41-8 Chongqing Nan Road Qingdao Shandong, China, Qingdao, Shandong, China (Mainland)


Qingdao Runfaster Horse Equipments Co.,ltd was founded at 1997.As a long-history professional precision forging company, our company is specialized in horse shoe, horse fencing; horse nails horse clothes for our esteemed customers. Since its first day, we have experienced professional technicians and complete production equipments.Our products are exported to USA, UK, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Australia and Canada. The precision forging products are used in horse racing, horse housing, mountaineering, shipping, port, and mine, petroleum, architecture, water conservancy, machine, transportation, etc in different countries. Besides, we are specialized in manufacturing special-shaped non-standard hot-forging bolts and nut fasteners.Through years of research by the professional technicians, the horseshoes become the leading internationalized products with advanced techniques. In addition to having orders from two European horseracing associations, the products are also exported to Australia, New Zealand, Korea, African, and Arab. There are steel, alloy aluminum, copper horseshoes used by racing horses, war horses and transport horses and horseshoe nails.We love to serve you and your company with our best products and excellent service.Now contact us and get more benefits for you.Your horse deserves it!
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Зимние Combo Ковер
 Winter Combo Rug (Зимние Combo Ковер)
WINTER COMBO RUG RFMY-0010600D Waterproof & Breathable Polyester Rip-Stop Out shell280 gm Polyfill fillingFull 190T nylon liningNickel-plated hardwareSize: 78" (other sizes and Colors Available)
Висячие Hay сумка
Hanging Hay bag RFMD0016Made by 600DX300D heavy Nylon material with mesh and PVC bidingShaped and wider feeder opening placed lower on the bagMesh bottomTop attached with Reinforced metal loopsLong, a
Подкова, Верховая ногтей
Our horseshoes and nails now have been exported to USA, Italy, Australia, Chile and Brazil. The precision forging products are used in horse racing, trotting horse, draft horse, horse housing
Qingdao runfaster horse equipments Co.,ltd was founded at 1997.As a long-history professional precision forging compan, your company is specilized in horse shoe, horse fencing, horse nails horse cloth
Южная Америка подкова
Size 5Material: SteelWeight:309g/pcPrice: USD0.469/pcSize 6Material: SteelWeight:328g/pcPrice: USD498/pcThis kind of horseshoes can be used for south american market, very popular.If you need just con
Южноамериканская подкова
Size 3Material: Steel,Weight:270g/pc price: USD0.43/pcSize 4 weight:290g/pc price: USD0.45/pcMaterial: SteelThis horseshoe is used for South american marketBetter quality and competitive price
Висячие Hay сумка
 Hanging Hay Bag (Висячие Hay сумка)
Hanging Hay bag RFMD0002Made by 600DX300D heavy Nylon materialMesh bottom to allow dust and dirt to fall throughTop loaded with velcro top flapTop bars allow hay bag to remain open while fillingLong,
Верховая Nails
 Horse Nails (Верховая Nails)
Horse nails used for horse racingUsd1.5/box100pcs/box
Верховая Ковер
 Horse Rug (Верховая Ковер)
420D Nylon, PU Twice Out shell280 gm polyfillFull 190 T smooth nylon liningBlack Curl Fleeces withers protectorDouble buckle front openExtra deep cut sides with crossover surcinglesBoth adjustable and

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