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B2b Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd
Dragon Centre, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Specifications1. Our grinding stones are made of silicon cardibe, black and green S / C,2. Cup stone, resin, for polishing granite and marble3. We have many sizes and various grits, cup shape and bowl shape, sizes like 4"x2"x5 / 8"-11, 5"x2"x5 / 8"-11, 5" x 2. 5" x5 / 8-11, 6" x 2" x5 / 8-11, 3" x 3"x5 / 8-11, 1. 5"x 3" x5 / 8-11, 110x55xM14, 5"x4"x2"x5 / 8"-11, 5"x4"x2. 5"x5 / 8"-11, 6"x4"x2"x5 / 8"-11, 4"x3"x2"x5 / 8"-11 etc, customized requirements are also available4. Rmp over 10000 and totally balancing, no vibaration, no shaking5. High quality grinding stones and competitive prices, from $2. 0- $3. 0 / pc6. Very poluar int EU and American market.
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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