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CareMax Co., Ltd.
No. 43, Shuangjing Street, Weiting Town, Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
+86-512-62852999 +(ext. +207 +or +304


Product Name: Fluff Gauze Roll/SpongesPlace of Origin: ChinaSpecifications:1) Individual package available2) Unique, wrinkle-weave pattern3) Excellent absorbency and conformability4) Virtually lint-free performanceYarn: 40 x 40Mesh: 12 x 8BleachedRoll Size: 4.5 inches x 4.1yds-6plyPacking: 100rolls/ctnRoll Size: 6 inches x 4.1yds-6plyPacking: 100rolls/ctnSponge Size: 4inches x 4inchesPacking: 600pcs/ctnSponge Size: 6inches x 6inchesPacking: 600pcs/ctn or according tocustomers requests
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Марли Ball
 Gauze Ball (Марли Ball)
Product Name: Gauze BallPlace of Origin: ChinaSpecifications:1) Yarn: 40 x 40 2) Knitter Dissector: a) Size: 1/4 inches x 16/9 inches b) Packing: 1000pcs/bag, 20000pcs/ctn 3) FlatStick sponges with X-
Марлевые повязки
 Gauze Bandages (Марлевые повязки)
Product Name: Gauze BandagesPlace of Origin: ChinaGauze bandages - knitting1) 100% cotton2) Bleached3) Yarn: 40 x 404) Mesh: 30 x 205) Size: 5cm x 5m, 7.5cm x 5m, 10cm x 5m, 15cm x 5mGauze bandages -
Гипоаллергенный Хирургическое Tape
 Hypoallergenic Surgical Tape (Гипоаллергенный Хирургическое Tape)
Product Name: Hypoallergenic Surgical TapePlace of Origin: ChinaSpecifications:1) Hypoallergenic2) Excellent adhesion3) Latex free4) Gentle to skin5) Strong, tangle-free, easy to tear6) Flexible for h
 Knee Support (Бедра)
Product Name: Knee SupportPlace of Origin: ChinaSpecifications:Fiber contents: 25% stretch nylon, 75% neoprene foam.The knee support is made of the highest grade neoprene, coveredwith stretch n
Медико-хирургической обуви
 Medical-Surgical Shoe (Медико-хирургической обуви)
Product Name: Medical-Surgical ShoePlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures:1) Upper: polyester2) Outsole: TPR3) Universal left-right4) Assisting normal walking gait5) Flexible sole6) Extremely durableMen:Small
Нестерильных проката Марли
 Non-Sterile Rolled Gauze (Нестерильных проката Марли)
Product Name: Non-Sterile Rolled GauzePlace of Origin: ChinaSpecifications:1) 1in x 5y 2plyPacking: 12 rolls/bag, 16 bags/case, 8 cases/carton2) 2in x 5y 2plyPacking: 12 rolls/bag, 8 bags/case, 8 case
Плечо поддержки
 Shoulder Support (Плечо поддержки)
Product Name: Shoulder SupportPlace of Origin: ChinaSpecifications :Several colors for selection with dynamic sense and fashionablestyleFiber content: 25% stretch nylon, 75% neoprene foamThe sh
Single P k Wet Wipe
 Single Pack Wet Wipe (Single P k Wet Wipe)
Product Name: Single Pack Wet WipePlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures:1) Main content: spunlace, water, vitamin E, aloe, fragrance2) Cleaning and lubricating the skin3) Small volume and light weight, suita
 Stockinette (Stockinette)
Product Name: StockinettePlace of Origin: ChinaSpecifications:1) Material: 100% cotton2) Packing:a) 370g/roll(±5%) 2inx 25ydsb) 555g/roll(±5%) 3inx 25ydsc) 740g/roll(±5%) 4inx 25ydsd) 1

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