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A & R Craft Philippines
14 Natividad St., San Francisco Del Monte,, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines


A&R Craft Phils is a direct manufacturer of Philippine handicrafts like Gift Baskets, Trays and many more. Please visit our website to view more of our products.
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336x280 banner
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ED2356A подарочной упаковки продуктов
 ED2356A Gift Packaging Products (ED2356A подарочной упаковки продуктов)
A&R Craft Philippines offers different crafted Paper Mache Boxes in different shapes. Pls visit our site to view more of our products. We have a wide range of Gift Packaging products.
 ED2466 (ED2466)
Ed2466Round planter abaca twine random weave dyed.Size:15 cm dia x 12h x 11 cm diabasePls visit our website to view more of our gift packaging products
Цветочные Wraps, Sinamay & Scranch Коврики
 Floral Wraps, Sinamay & Scranch Mats (Цветочные Wraps, Sinamay & Scranch Коврики)
We specialize in the production of Gift Packaging, Novelties & Crafts, Holiday Decors-Christmas, Easter & Halloween, Everyday, Functional, and All-Seasoned products utilizing different indigenous mate

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