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AMC IND Co. Ltd.
No.1501-1502, Tian Yi Guoji Shangwu Zhongxin, Tian Bo Road, Gaoxin Qu, He Fei, Anhui, China (Mainland)


Feather down quilt pillow cushion mattress quilt cover jackets bedsheets, bedspreads, polyester, silk, cotton, clothing, duvets, comforters.Down quilts, pillows, cushion, feather beds, matresses, pads(down, polyester, silk, cotton filled). Quilted bedding products. Quilt covers, bedsheets, bedspreads, clothing and washed feather and down etc.
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Перу Eye Mask
 Feather Eye Mask (Перу Eye Mask)
Features:1) different items can be used in parties and dancing2) can be customized3) high quality4) many kinds of style5) material: featherInner packing:Polybag
Feather Pillow, Sh t, Quilt, Чехол, Одеяла и подушки, Животное колодки
 Feather Pillow, Sheet, Quilt, Pillow Cover, Memory Foam Pillow, Pet Pad (Feather Pillow, Sh t, Quilt, Чехол, Одеяла и подушки, Животное колодки)
Our factory produce many kinds of bedding products. Such as cushion pad feather pillow sheet quilt pillow cover memory foam pillow pet pad ect.Which made by diffetents of fabric such as wool, cotton,
Goose / Duck Перу / вниз Одеяло, подушка, Подушка
 Goose/Duck Feather/Down Quilt, Pillow, Cushion (Goose / Duck Перу / вниз Одеяло, подушка, Подушка)
Goose/duck feather/down quilt, pillow, cushion, mattress, cape, quilt cover, with baffle,White or grey, washed or unwashed, printed fabric quiltCotton plain down quiltNo: B-001Name: Cotton plain down
Много видов медицинского Магнит шерсть, хлопок Одеяло
 Many Kinds Of Health Magnet Wool, Cotton Blanket (Много видов медицинского Магнит шерсть, хлопок Одеяло)
Our factory product many kinds of health magnet wool, cotton, blanket. We have 100% AustraliaWool magnetic pad 100%cotton magnetic pad whic have many kinds of size such as single, king single, double,
Шелковые Утешитель & Quilt
 Silk Comforter & Quilt (Шелковые Утешитель & Quilt)
( silk duvet) is durable, it can be used for at least 10 years. During this period, it will not metamorphose, nor turn into dumpling or wisp. It is also famous for its good toughness. The silk can mai
Шелковые Feather Down Quilt
 Silk Feather Down Quilt (Шелковые Feather Down Quilt)
Features:1) material:100% silk2) sizes: Single quilt set, twin quilt set, full quilt set, queen quilt set, king quilt set3) filling:100% pure silk4) weight:0.5 - 2.7kg5) filled with 100% natural silk6
Шелковые одеяла и подушки
 Silk Quilts And Pillow (Шелковые одеяла и подушки)
Features:1) Material:100% silk2) Sizes: Single quilt set, Twin quilt set, Full quilt set, Queen quilt set, King quilt set3) Filling:100% pure silk4) Weight:0.5 - 2.7kg5) Filled with 100% natural silk6
Омывается Unwashed белый / серый гусиное перо
 Washed Unwashed White / Grey Goose Feather (Омывается Unwashed белый / серый гусиное перо)
Washed unwashed white/grey Goose/duck down feather, Quilts, Comforters, Duvets, pillow, cushion bed, matresses.As an Oko-Tex Standard 100, ISO 9002 and Law Label approved professional manufacturer, we
Washed White / Grey Goose / Duck Пуховые, одеяла, Утешитель, Одеяло
 Washed White / Grey Goose / Duck Down Feather, Quilts, Comforter, Duvet (Washed White / Grey Goose / Duck Пуховые, одеяла, Утешитель, Одеяло)
Duvet, feather & down filled comforter sets, silk quilt & comforter set,Fibre filled quilt & pillow & cushion feather & down pillow, feather & down cushion, feather & down quiltDescription:1) fabric:

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