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Eston Evleri, Istanbul, Turkey


We are one of the Greece company that ready to sell sun flower oil to worlwide and waiting for the serious customers for quotaion and negotiation.Please do not hesitate to call us directly for further information and detailsSpecifications as followsSUNFLOWER OILA. Category-SeedoilB. Usage-Frying-General-RrofessionalC. Packages-Plastic Bottle 1Lt, 2Lt, 3Lt, 5Lt, 10 Lt Metal tin 10 LtColour Lovibond (5 1 / 4) -red 2 max-yellow 20 maxDensity 20 C (g / cm3) -0. 9202FFA (% ) -max 0. 15Peroxide number (meq O2 / KG) -max 2Soap (% ) -max 0. 005Refractive index (40 C) -min 61. 3 max 64, 8Table of Fatty Acids of cornoil-okeyTABLE OF FATTY ACIDS OF SUNFLOWER OILACIDS RANGEMYRISTIC ACID C14-0PALMITIC ACID C16-0 3-10%PALMITOLEIC ACID C16-1STEARIC ACID C18-0 1-10%OLEIC ACID C18-1 14-35%LINOLEIC ACID C18-2 55-75%LINOLENIC ACID C18-3ARACHIDIC ACID C20-0EICOSENOIC ACID C20-1BAHENIC ACID C22-0LIGNOCERIC ACID C24-0
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