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Big String Resource Europe Co.
Havenstraat, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands


We have stock copper scrap and aluminum scrap available for delivery.For copper scrap, we major supply birch cliff and brass copper.For birch cliff,Specification:94%-96% in purityQuantity:100MT for new clientCompetitive priceLoading port: RotterdamOriginal place: NetherlandsPayment term: L/CQuality inspection is available.Only real buyer contact, No agent.Please mention your requirement information and contact information
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We supply cable scrap, wire scrap as large quantity per month.Specification:33%-35% Aluminum13%-15% CopperOther is PVCQuantity:200MT per month for new clientsOriginal place: NetherlandsLoading port: R
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We can supply stainless steel scrap to our clients as long term, Following is our offer detail:Stainless Steel scrapSpecification: grade 304 (minimum Chromium 18% Nickel 8% )Quantity: 400MT per monthO
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We sell brass scrap as large quantity.Specification:65% copper in purity,35% zinc.Quantity:200MT per monthOriginal place: NetherlandsLoading port: RotterdamHave stock available to delivery.
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We sell cable scrap for regularly.Specification:35% Aluminum15% CopperOther is PVCQuantity: 200MT per month for new clientsOriginal place: NetherlandsLoading port: RotterdamInspectionl: SGS or CCICPay

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