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Analog Systems
38, Dlf Industrial Area, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, India


Sharp Vision AS 1515, AS 9595 AND AS 8585 are hybrid amplifiers used in Trunk and branch lines specially designed to serve the needs of cable systems of South East Asian Countries. They are in Aluminium housing providing maximum heat dissipation and are yet economical. They incorporate Superior Quality Hybrid IC Module to obtain excellent features.FeaturesAluminium HousingOptimum for Trunk Distribution30 dB GainPlug In Slope CardHigh Voltage Surge ProtectionExcellent Level FlatnessDual RF Output On RequestMains Cum Power PassVoltage Selection LED for Easy Selection40 dB Gain with FET Preamplifier stage optionalAluminium HousingCorrosion FreeLonger LifeEfficient Heat DissipationNo MixingLow Circuit Temperature Gives Longer LifeModelsAS 1515 Freq. 46 to 860 MHz with106 Ch Loading CapacityAS 9595 Freq. 46 to 750 MHz with 93 Ch Loading CapacityAS 8585 Freq. 46 to 550 MHz with 67 Ch Loading CapacitySpecificationsGain 30dB40dB OptionalAdjustable Gain 0 to 20dB AdjustableOutput Level above 105dBuVSlope Control 20dB VariableFlatness 0. 75dbReturn Loss above 14dBNoise Figure below 7dBMonitor 20dBMains Voltage 220VAC 50HzPower Pass 30, 40, 50 and 60 VAC Selection with Slide Switch
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 TV Tuner Box-CATV Converter (ТВ-тюнер CATV Converter)
Sharp Vision CATV Converter (TV Tuner Box) makes your TV upgradable which means it will cover VHF Band, Mid Band, Super Band, Hyper Band and UHF Band. Besides many other features are added to your TV.
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Sharp Vision 350PPM, 450PPM, 550PPM, 5555, 5555 DX, 5555 FX Broad Band Amplifiers are used as Line Extender and Branch Amplifier depending on Cable Systems requirements.Features:Powder Coated HousingM
CATV Источник Combiner
16 Channels CombinerFrequency 46 to 860 MHzFlat Frequency ResponseFrequency Response linear upto 860MHzInsertion Loss: 16dB Typ.Isolation: Above 22dBAVAILABLE IN 19 INCH RACK MOUNT TYPE AND WATERPROOF
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Channel TrapSharp Vision Channel Trap is used for removal of unwanted channels from the cable line, so as to add your own channels.Models to choose CH2, CH2 & 3, Band-I or As per your requirement of c
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Sharp Vision offers unique Optic Nodes for converting even weak optical signals from transmitter to a high quality RF signal.There are many models of Optical Nodes to cater to various network designs.

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