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Alpha Of Crux Telecom Incorporation
9f-120,79 Hsin Tai Wu Road, Taipei, TW, Taiwan


Feature:Easily couple two high-speed network cables with our keystone style in-line coupler. This straight thru coupler meets the eia/tia 568a category 6 specifications guaranteeing consistent high-speed data transfer rates and is ideal for use with feed thru panel and surface mount boxes.Keystone jack designed to work in conjunction with the cables to go wall plates and surface boxes or any standard keystone and angled multimedia wallplate or patch panel.Includes 110-type idc straight-back termination with strain relief caps, and comes standard with gold plating on the jack contacts.Available in 9 colors to match housing or allow color- coded designation port in compliance with tia-606 requirements.Colors pictured from top left: White, green, red, almond and from bottom left: Blue, yellow, and ivory.
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