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D&K Battery Co Ltd
Buji, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Nominal voltage(v):1.2Nominal capacity(mah):2600Diameter(mm):14.5Height(mm):50.5Standard charge current(ma):260Standard charge time (h):15Rapid charge current(ma):2600Rapid charge time(h):1.2Weight approx(g):31Neutral blister package available
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Аааа Ni-MH аккумулятор
 Aaaa Ni-mh Battery Pack (Аааа Ni-MH аккумулятор)
H-aaaa270hCapacity:270mahVoltage:8.4v7 in one packUl 1007 wires and jst connectorNormal charge/discharge rate
CR V3 Li-Ion Battery Charger
 CR V3 Li-ion Battery Charger (CR V3 Li-Ion Battery Charger)
Item#: PH-CR V3Specifications:Input voltage:5v d. CInput current:500maOutput voltage:4.2v d. COutput current(max):550maCharacteristic1. Charge CR V3 Li-ion rechargeable battery.2. Smart and fast charg
CR123A зарядное устройство
 Cr123a Battery Charger (CR123A зарядное устройство)
PH-123A-AInput: 12V d.c 250mAOutput: 4.2V d.c 360mACharacteristic:1. Suitable for 2pcs RCR123A Li-ion battery2. Charge with constant current and constant voltage3. LED IndicatorRed Led=batteries are p
CR123A Li / МпО2 Аккумулятор
 Cr123A Li / Mno2 Battery (CR123A Li / МпО2 Аккумулятор)
Item: Cr123ARated voltage(v):3.0Rated capacity(mah):1300Diameter(mm):17.0Height(mm):33.5Continuous current (max. Ma):500Pulse current(max. Ma):1500Cut off voltage(v):2.0Weight approx(g):17Operating te
Аккумуляторная батарея CR123A
 Cr123a Rechargeable Battery (Аккумуляторная батарея CR123A)
Item#:RCR123ANominal Voltage(V):3.7Typical capacity(mAh):700Nominal capacity(mAh):650Diameter(mm):17.0Height(mm):34.5Weight approx(g):18Contact us now for more other products!
Уг2 Li / МпО2 Батареи
 Cr2 Li / Mno2 Batteries (Уг2 Li / МпО2 Батареи)
Item#: Cr15270 cr2Rated voltage:3.0vRated capacity:750mahDiameter:15.0mmHeight:27.0mmContinuous operating current(max. Ma):100Pulse operating current(max. Ma):400Cut off voltage:2.0vWeight approx:15gO
Ni-MH Зарядное устройство
 Ni-mh Battery Charger (Ni-MH Зарядное устройство)
Item#: Ph-dc033sInput:12vd. C.5aOutput: AA 1.4vd. C 7.0aAAA 1.4vd. C 3aCharacteristic1. Charge AA, AAA ni-mh batteries, charger low vlotage battery.2. Charge 1,2,3or 4 cells3.15min super fast charge w
Ni-MH Зарядное устройство
 Ni-mh Battery Charger (Ni-MH Зарядное устройство)
Item#: Ph-dc051sInput:12vd. C 1.5aOutput: AA 1.2v 2000maAAA 1.2v 1000ma.Characteristic:1. Charge ni-mh or ni-cd battery, switch adapter2. Charge 1-4 pcs AA/AAA rechargeable batteries.3. Charger with c
Ni-MH аккумулятор пакеты
 Ni-mh Battery Packs (Ni-MH аккумулятор пакеты)
We provide all kinds of ni-mh battery packsApplication: Mobile phone batteries, emergency light, r/c toys, cordless phone,Digital camera, electrical tools, etc.Contact us now by your requirements!

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