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3-901#, WanshuDandi, Changsha 410014, Hunan, China
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KINGHERBS choose the right species of onion, and after an intended storage in a special condition to increase its active ingredients, we extract it with only grain ethanol. Thus assure us the best quality, withhighest spiraeoside and flavonoids. The Onion extract is hard to be dried into solid, KINGHERBS offer mainly onion paste extract instead of dry powder extract.Onions are good for Psoriasis treatment, it is a good substitute for steroids. The anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and healing characteristics of the onion help recuperate the natural texture of damaged skin, and, unlike steroid creams, can be applied anywhere on the body and used by patients of all ages. It also proves effective in treating acne.Onion extract can be used in feed as source of polyphenol & flavonoids in large quantity.
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Reishi Spore Oil ()
KINGHERBS' Reishi spore oil is 100% pure essence of reishi spores extracted by Super Critical Carbon Dioxide Fluid extraction, SCFE-CO2. KINGHERBS reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) is cultivated
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Botanical Source: Serenoa Repens(Bartr.)SmallCAS NO.: 84604-15-9Part Used: BerryAppearance: Fine light yellow to white powderActive Ingredient: Total Fatty AcidsSpecification: ≥25%; ≥45
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Specifications: Anthocyanidins 15%, 25%, 40%;Proanthocyanidins 40%, 60%;Flavones 10%; Polyphenols 10%; 4: 1; 10: 1
Astraglus Extract ()
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KINGHERBS can offer 1% ~ 98% Corosolic acid. It can help to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels in the blood and has strong antioxidant properties that help to prevent damage by free radicals

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