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Société :
Fancytech International Trading (shanghai) Co.,ltd
Adresse :
Room 919 Cimic Tower, No.1090 Century Avenue, Pudong area, shanghai.
Téléphone :


PS52 Power Supply   Advantages: ·         1.   The United States imported power regulator chip, with high efficiency, strong anti-interference, wide output voltage range features, independently powered controller with power locks, you can eliminate the electromagnetic interference generated by the electric lock switch. ·         2. UPS uninterruptible power supply mains abnormal effectively purifying mains; lasts for a certain period of time can also sudden interruption of the mains supply to the access control and other equipment, will not appear vacancies in access control machine data on the access control played good protection. ·         3. Battery protection function, when the mains power failure a long time, detected the battery supply voltage as low as 10.5V will cut off the battery to power the load, play a role in the protection of the battery. Technical Parameter ²  Charging voltage: 13V~13.5V        ²  Uninterruptible time: 0 Input voltage: 110V~240VAC         ²  Output voltage: 12VDC Max. output current: 2A              ²  Adjustable time: 0~60 seconds
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