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669 An Jao Rd., Yen Chao, Kaohsiung Hsien
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Concept of microwave technology Intensive molecule friction to generate heat Different meditated material get different microwave transfer efficiency. Microwave frequency belongs to communication channel according to world communicating association. Microwave heating effect is depend on material feature. Microwave dehydrated result is good at last part drying. Safety design and .easy to operate. Compared ItemsEnergyMicrowave MixedTraditaionalFrying Time7 Minutes 17 Minutes Weight Ratio85%(w/w)73%(w/w)Oil Contain6%12%Heating Equality +/-3.9 ‹C+/-2.0 ‹Cdrumstick(batch type)(continuous type) NTD0.215NTD0.322NTD0.096NTD0.322Product Specialty Golden Surface With Crisp & Juicy TasteBurn On Surface And Dry Inside @ MICROWAVE is a new technology for heating purpose.Advantages :1.Speedy Drying: High temperature is reached in short time to save lot of drying time2.Uniform Heating: Microwave penetrates to the core of the product and heat every part evenly to upgrade product quality.3.High Efficiency: Microwave is functioned for product direct heating to avoid energy absorbed by container for equipment invest cost down.4.Easy Control: Start and stop heating are functioned automatically for easy and safe operating. 5.High Quality: Uniform heating to guarantee high quality products.6.Heating Under Vacuum Condition: Microwave can penetrate deeply into product core under vacuum condition.7.Articles Packed by Bag: Microwave can go through bag to heat articles inside.8.Small Space Required: Continuous and high efficiency working to minimize operating space.9.Good Working Environment: Free of hot and noise problem 10.Automatic and labor -saving heating technology. 11.High efficiency working to reduce stock cost.Specification Output Power :12KWMachine Size : L500cm x W130cm x H162cmInlet Height : 10 cmConveyor Width : 91 cmElectricity :220V , 3 Phase , 60HZ Feature Application on Food Processing:De-Freezing: Traditional de-freezing takes much time & much energy, the worse one is that food original flavor loss after long time processing. By Microwave, you can get fresh and nutritious food because microwave will go through food's iced surface and reach food center within short time to de-freeze food under suitable temperature.Also, high capacity and space-saving results are easy to get. De-Hydrated of vegetable and fruit. Drying of flour dough. Sterilization: Microwave is a very effective source for food sterilization especial for mildew, you can get good sterilization result within short time to prolong food's shelf life. Alcoholization of white wine. Microwave oil frying. Steam heating combined with microwave. Efficiency of Beef De-freezing by MicrowaveItems : Efficiency Space : Only 1/9 - 1/8 of traditional de-freezing room is required.Time : Shorten 2 - 3 days to 3 minutes, improve capacity greatly.Weight Loss :Beef juice's loss is reduced by 2%,the real profit is as example: Capacity 800000 kgs/year X 2% X NTD90.-/kg = NTD1,440,000.-Quality : High Quality: Fresh and low loss of protein Convenient: Food can be de-freezed inside paper box below 0 Clean: Almost no waste water and few bacteria generated Temperature: Uniform temperature on internal & external }2 It is really hard to be calculated by money. Application on Heating Industry: Rubbercontinuous sulfuratingsolid tire and vibrate-proof rubber's pre-heatingpoly-rubber's heatinginjection, plastic formingFooddrying of teatreatment, cooking and sterilizationraw material processingbiscuit, candy, malt sugar processingcoffee, bean and almond bakingmicrowave frying and bakingpellet, potato chip and instant noodle's bubbling & dryingvacuum and low temperature dryingchocolate and bubble gum's heatingKiln , CeramicsFormer's drying and de-gluedFilter's drying of ceramics hasteningDrying of gypsum patternFerric work's drying and hardeningKilning work's dryingChemistryPlastic & resin's bubbling and sulfurating and tenacityPVC film and leather sheet's extending and formingNylon and resin's extendingHastening of chemical reactionPlastic grit's dryingLumber and PaperFurniture, polywood .. 's drying and heating and laminatingPolywood's gluing and jointingLumber's insecticiding and moisture controlPaper, paper paste and paper carton's dryingFiber and PrintPoly-fiber and nylon rope's heating and extending DyeingUn-weaved textile applicationPrint and Bookbinding's dryingNon-Carbide paper's dryingOthersCasting sand's heating and drying for solidificationShell mold's spreading, drying and jointingDe-Wax and sterilization for wax-workCigarette, straw and ground's insecticide and sterilizationDestruction of rockMud treatmentMicrowave plasma CVD, ECRHospital curing equipment CONTINUOUS MICROWAVE HEATING DRYERDesigned for continuous washing, drying and cooling of rubber product CONTINUOUS MICROWAVE HEATING DRYERDesigned for continuous washing, drying and cooling of rubber product CONTINUOUS MICROWAVE HEATING DRYERDesigned for continuous washing, drying and cooling of rubber product CONTINUOUS MICROWAVE HEATING DRYERDesigned for textile fabric continuous drying CONTINUOUS MICROWAVE HEATING DRYERDesigned for noodle continuous drying Middle size for industrial or food continuous drying Batch type laboratory used dryer MOULD DESIGN MICROWAVE POWER SUPPLY
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