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Baijin Power Tools Company
Houying Industrial Zone, Kangxianzhuang Town, Bazhou


 Warnings: Wear approved eye protection when feeding, pulling or rewinding fish tape. Although composite fish tape itself is non-metallic, its metallic tip and leader are conductive and could be grounded against conduit. Do NOT use on or near live electrical circuits. Do NOT pull a composite fish tape with any type of mechanical fish-tape puller.
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Note: keep one hand holding the interior wall of Wire device while use it, and the other hand holding the handle of wire device, rotating clockwise and tightening steel wire,rotating counter-clockwise
Features:1) Strong non-conductive fiberglass rod construction.2) Rustproof bull-nose pulling eye.3) For longer conduit runs and underground duct.4) Rugged tubular steel reel with adjustable positionin
Flexible reinforce fiberglass core with polyethylene coating. professional electricians rely on brand! It is Light, Strong and Smooth with a steel cable head which can pass the crooked pipeline easily
 The unique sloped handle optimizes the position of your hand for quick hand-over-hand rewinds and allows a more level payout of tape on the backswing while feeding conduit. Non-conductive, compo
cable winch is composed of a roller wheel, gearbox, diesel or gasoline machine and a base frame, the mobile cutter grinding principle: cutter grinding groove is used to directly and the steel wire rop
Uniqune, quick, light head open design for more convenient operation. It's applicable for cutting overhead acsr in 240mm虏 or below, steel rope in dia.16mm and other copper, al, alloy conductor.
It mainly consists of two motor, one reduction box traction head and up frame, etc. It not only applied for traction power cable, communication cable and aerial wire, also for other tranction fields i
Cutting force: 60KNCutting range: dia 40mm max(for ACSR cable); dia 28mm max(for steel wire multi-strands)Length: approx.320mmWeight: approx.3.80kgPackage: steel caseWeight of case: approx.1.60kg
1.a double piston pump which is characterized by a rapid approach of the dies forwards the connector and a slow crimping motion.2.which returns the piston into its starting position when the maximum o

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