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Baijin Power Tools Company
Houying Industrial Zone, Kangxianzhuang Town, Bazhou


Cable stand appearance; horizontal cable stand and a vertical cable line frame, large cable line frame, heavy cable stand, trapezoidal cable rack, cable screw line frame and ordinary hydraulic cable line frame, hanging type cable stand and hydraulic screw dual-purpose cable on line frame
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Cable stripper is used for stripping manual stripper of various kinds of wire and cable insulation. Peeling speed, shape specifications, accurate adjustable, energy saving, high efficiency, is the pow
ApplicationUsed to support wire reel when laying cable .Hold up the wire tray.Usage: for expanding the wire, the whole set of line on the six equal parts of the rolling disc, through the traction of t
DP028-2: rated load 2T, thickness of bottom plate-6mm, dia of bottom plate-800mm, weight- 50kgDP028-3: rated load 3T, thickness of bottom plate-6mm, dia of bottom plate-850mm, weight- 65kgDP028-5: rat
Compact solution for heavy cable drum spoolingEasy to assemble and operateHydraulic drum drive compatible to assist with smooth spoolingSuitable for use on level solid Multiple securing pointsMultiple
These A-Frame cable stands with hydraulic bottle jacks are a compact solution for spooling heavy drums of power and data cable or conveyor belts. The system comprises of two independent cable stands c
Cable jacks according to usage is also referred to as the cable bracket, wire shaft disc rack, cable bracket. The form can be divided into, hydraulic cable rack, mechanical type cable bracket. Accordi
Wire clamping device is the power, telecommunications, railway electrification overhead line construction and maintenance of the commonly used to hold the line tool. Clamping wire insulation, radian,
Application: applied in the supporting of reel when laying guiding cable during line construction.Rack jacks suitable for cable tray support, durable . For placing the cable tray, overhead wires or ca
applicable to be as the support of large cable reel in laying cables in the cityeasy to move with the trundles in the bottomcan be equipped with a braking device, using the foot brake

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