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Baijin Power Tools Company
Houying Industrial Zone, Kangxianzhuang Town, Bazhou


The cable roller can protect the cable, at the same time, cable block also can effectively reduce the friction of the cable, improve the construction speed.Divides into according to the material quality: Alloy wheels and MC nylon wheels.
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Application:It's used for erecting pole, hoisting, stringing wire in power line operation.Powered winches are the construction tools of erecting electric circuits of high pressure electric transmi
It mainly consists of two motor, one reduction box traction head and up frame, etc. It not only applied for traction power cable, communication cable and aerial wire, also for other tranction fields i
TC-250 hand cable cutting tool with forging , long life spanThe handle is made of high tensive aluminum alloy, the knives are made by forging, long life span
Manual type crimping pliers:Using high and low two levels of plunger pump driven design, operation fast and effort; System is equipped with safety relief valve, the standard output automatically aft
Constructed of fiberglass reinforced in the center and consists of a rugged plastic layer that would ensure the lifetime of the flexible rod.Assembly: metal frame and rubber wheels, Wheel assembly for
1.cable laying contractor 2.underground cable laying3.electricity supply industry 4.change the angle of the cable
cable laying contractor underground cable layingelectricity supply industry change the angle of the cable
Brand-New High Quality FibreGlass Duct Rodders or Snake Pullers can be used for NBN, Telecommunication, Electrician and other Department HDPE Pipe Cable, the specific tapes as push-pull tools.
Outer protect layer are made of high density polyethylene engineering plastic, which has good anti-UV capability. Cover was coated with long-term UV-resistant polyethylene.Its surface has the advantag

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