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aquatmos international limited
#2 Wenkeng Road, Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China


The UV sterilizers are uniquely designed to permit the water to pass all around the germicidal lamp, taking advantage of the 360º light source. When microorganisms are exposed to this light, the UV energy causes a change in the chemical bonds of the DNA molecules. This alteration results in their inability to multiply and therefore their elimination. The UV sterilizer is one of the cleanest, most non-pollution, non-chemical, without any color and odor and leaves no residue, the most natural way to kill virus and bacteria. This technique is often applied for fresh or marine water aquariums, garden ponds, breeder tanks and commercial applications. UV sterilizer includes submerged UV sterilizers, Float UV sterilizers, flow-through UV sterilizers and open channel UV sterilizers. The housing material of the flow-through UV sterilizer can be stainless steel or UPVC, the flow rate ranges from 0.2m3 per hour to 200m3 per hour. Open channel UV disinfection system has no closed disinfection reactor, it consists of many compact modules and one or more modules are put directly into an open ditch to disinfect water flow through it. By adjusting the quantity of lamp in a module and the quantity of modules in a channel, the treatment capacity of the open channel UV disinfection system can be 1000m3/h, or as high as 10000m3/h.
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