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Nkwen Avenue


we are selling fresh or frozen meat.it is a mix of french cows and thai cows.the meat is placed as premium and selling at high..Specifications:  We are associated with processing packing of halal frozen all kind of animals packed veal carcass boneless:60% bobby veal 900 grams x 20 packets per carton and 40% veal legs 4.5kgs x 4 packets per carton. Assures 500 tons per month supplies on regular basis and seeks prompt inquiries from importers.
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We also supply cow hides, calf skins, buffalo hides,cow head skins, cow trimmings, wet blue hides, goatskins, lamb skins, greasy wool, rabbit skins, deerskins, pig skins, horse hides and ostrich skins
salted cream butter available for salewe can make 100% natural and fresh Salted cream butter! salted and sweet is available!Salted cream butterAPPEARANCE  LIGHT CREAM SOLIDMOISTURE.....15%MAXPh(m

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