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IP Gilmanov
Lenina str. 10


Sold honey at retail and wholesale! The most tasty and honey from the fields of Bashkortostan! Linden, sunflower, buckwheat, flower, meadow - Cheap. Standing stock, discounts, delivery. Linden honey - strengthens the immune system and is an excellent tool for stable operation of the heart. Flower honey - very good for health: rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Buckwheat Honey - a rich source of micro and macro, increases hemoglobin levels, and normalizes blood pressure, kidney and stomach. Delicious! Useful! Treat yourself and loved ones! For more information about honey and the prices you will find our site 02med.ru Wholesale honey made in Russia and abroad! In looking forward to your participation.
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 Sold honey at retail and wholesale! The most tasty and honey from the fields of Bashkortostan! Linden, sunflower, buckwheat, flower, meadow - Cheap. Standing stock, discounts, delivery Linden ho

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