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Room 2303,23/F Office Tower, Convention Plaza,1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong


ocuPRO is a Document Accounting solution for each organisation, office and educational environment that wants to control the paper output and have cost recovery. A paperless environment is a utopia and even with the introduction of color users want to have their print jobs printed in color. Costs are rising and there is no solution to limit this or get paid for it... YES there is.DocuPRO is a Document Accounting solution which puts you in charge of your entire paper output. DocuPRO registers, tracks, monitors and secures print and copy jobs through out your organisation. It doesnt matter if you are an office or educational organisation it is all configurable. DocuPRO tracks, analyzes and allocates costs for every document that is sent to a desktop printer, networked printer, multi-function device or walk up copier.With the DocuPRO module you set your functionality, work flow, you want. This means you can set different work flows for different users or groups in your organisation like e.g. registration of print and copy jobs for staff and paid printing and copying for students. Or registration of print and copy jobs by cost centres, secure release of print jobs, or set access for color usage. It is all their; just set it and you are in charge.
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336x280 banner
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