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Century Mien (Thailand) Co., Ltd
9 / 93 Soi Supapong 2 Moo1 Srinakarin Rd. , Nhongbon, Pravet, Bangkok, Thailand


Built in embedded standalone module (ZEM300) with faster Intel 32 bit X-scale CPUSupport 360-degree rotation identification., Access dry / wet fingers.Size 180 (L) X125 (W) X55 (H) mmUser Capacity 1, 500Transaction 50, 000Algorithm version 2006 Version new algorithmHardware platform ZEM300Communications RS232, RS485, TCP/ IPFalse Acception Rate (FAR)False Rejection Rate (TRR)LED Red, GreenLCD 128X64 Green background lightOperating Temperature 0c-45cOpertind Humidity 20% 80%Power Operation DC5V.Operating system LinuxStandard Function Workcode, Webserver,
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Description SpecificationSize: 190 (L) x 136 (W) x 36mm (H)Register capacity: Card 30, 000 / 50, 000Record capacity: 50, 000 / 80, 000Algorithm version: 2006Hardware platform: ZEM 300Operating system

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