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Beijing Hongdetong Technology & Trading Co. Ltd.
No. 201 Xinghaidasha Xibianmenxili, Xuanwuqu, Beijing, Beijing, China (Mainland)
+86-10-51892627 +83139766 +89892661


Fruits PE foam net packing pouch (bag) is made by the integration technology of special extruding and heating up foaming molding technology in continuum production of LDPE foam net bag (pouch) . The foam net pouch is suitable for packing various fruits, apple, pear, peach, mango, orange etc, glassware, flower etc with excellent elasticity and springness feature for breakage proof anti crush in transportation for exportation goods in cartons.The importer is able to get all investment back within 6 month by continuous production.Capacity: about 500, 000pcs apple pouch bags per day.Total power: 36kwTotal power consumption per day around 200kw.
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