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P. O. Box 4242, Foster City, California, United States


Product InformationWe offer the most complete range of colors with international specification of cosmetic pigment (red, yellow, black, orange, brown, green and white). We can meet the demands of the USA FDA Standard, Chinese Standard.Key product features and benefitsAll colors we offer could meet the requirements and have the following key product features and benefits.Consistent colorsHigh color strengthA wide variety of bright, unique colorsExcellent wetting and dispensabilityResistance to moisture, sunlight, alkalis and mild acidsSafe and no chemical reactionLess heavy metal, for example, As Salts, Pb Salts and Hg Salts etcColor specifications controlled to keep consistent colorsColor difference is 1.0 max compared against a standard sampleTinting strength = 95-105% compared against a standard sampleTest methodsUsing spectrophotometer
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