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See Me Enterprise., Ltd.
No44, Lane 22, Taipei, TW, Taiwan


New generation of nd-yag laser, ideal forAll kind of skin care and also for tattoo removalThe laser you need in your medical orSalon activity.Low price and CE approval.
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Увеличительное лампа
Magnifying glasses with or without light.Incredible prices.Ideal for beauty, tattoo, nails. . . . .We also manufacture all kind of magnifying lamps.And all for dermopigmentation.We don, t sell samples
Micro Дермабразия оборудование
We are using a new generation of pumpA beautiful & powerful unit for your spa,
Иглы для татуажа Dermopigmentation
Needles for dermopigmentation, tattoo,Permanent makeup.Standard, combo, flat. . .We have all kind of sterile needles for above applications.CE approval.
Power Dermograph
Power dermograph,Is a new generation of dermopigmentation unit.Precise, powerful, reliable.Permanent makeup of lips, eyebrow, eyelinerCE approval
Татуировки Перманентный макияж
Power supply box to boost speed ofTattoo pens,Fit any kind of tattoo pen.Pedal is optional for a security control.We have all kind of dermopigmentation suppliesCE approval
Подготовка кожи Оборудование для Dermopigmentation татуировки
Training skin with or without eyes for dermopigmentation training.PU leather imitatimg the skin in texture and resistance.Without eyes or with eyes printed on.
Demograph Demopigmentation перманентный макияж
 Demograph Demopigmentation Permanent Make Up (Demograph Demopigmentation перманентный макияж)
Power dermographIs a new generation of dermopigmentation unit.Precise, powerful, reliable.Permanent makeup of lips, eyebrow, eyelinerQuick: Win timeCe & UL & csa approval
Ресницы керлинга Kit Перманентный макияж
 Eyelash Curling Kit Permanent Makeup (Ресницы керлинга Kit Перманентный макияж)
New generation of eyelash curling kit* long lasting of 8 weeks.* glue inluded* 16pcs rods (curlers) of each size"s", "m", "l"
Ipl Эпиляция Лазерная Мин Депиляторные
 Ipl Hair Removal Min Depilatory Laser (Ipl Эпиляция Лазерная Мин Депиляторные)
Specifications:Innovation of mini ipl with long shelf life lamp and incredible cooling system for incredible functions of hair removal* wavelength adjustment with electronic* largest usefull wavelengt

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