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1340 Bennett Drive, Longwood, Florida, United States


Bell Performance, Inc. Is a USA based manuf. And has been in business for over 50 years. We manuf. Gasoline, diesel, home heating, industrial fuel additives and do custom blending. Our products are being used with major companies, power plants, fleet operations in many countries. We also manuf. Oil treatment products as described below. Please contact us for any needs you may have.X-tra lube---a super lubricant that treats oil and metal surfaces.A very sophisticated formulation containing a superior anti-friction and anti-wear agent that reduces the friction created by metal-to-metal contact in engines and gears.The problem: when two metal surfaces come in contact, frictional forces are created which cause wear, heat build up and greater use of energy. Heat creates metal fatigue, extreme wear on rod bearings, gears camshafts and engines, this is a major cause of metal failure.The solution: X-tra lube is a super-lubricant, special formulation that actually resurfaces the metal by filling scratches, scores, worn or low spots and imperfections in the metal. X-tra lube s hightech "platter" provides excellent residual lubrication, especially during loss of oil circulation or pressure and during intial equipment startup when excessive wear takes place.Note: X-tra lube has been used in harsh conditions, in racing engines, heavy duty trucks, passenger cars, vans, fire and rescue vechicles, school bus fleets, earthmoving equipment, factories, police and government vehicles. The product reduces heat, friction, wear, and extends equipment life.Available in 32 oz (946 ml) 1 gallon (3. 78 L)
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