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Industrial Carbons
480 Kalbadevi Road 3rd Floor Dahanukar Bldg., Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


We manufacture carbon & graphite thrust bearings, carbon & graphite thrust pads & carbon & graphite discs & sleeves. These are used in submersible pumps for lifting water from deep water bore wells. .We can supply carbon graphite thrust bearings for v-4, v-6, v-8, v-10. We can supply you these thrust bearings in any sizes as required by you. We also manufacture carbon & graphite axial bearings bushes, bushings used in submersible water pumps.
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 Carbon & Graphite Piston Packing Rings For Compressors & Turbines (Carbon & Graphite упаковки поршневые кольца к компрессорам & турбины)
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