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Cixi Yonglida Sealing Factory(Cixi Huayi Machinery Co., Ltd. )
Kuangyan Developing Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


Expanded Graphite Sheet/Rolls are selected from the high natural flake graphhite. They are made through the advanced chemical threatment and mechanical procedure, etc.
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 Expansion Teflon Self-Adhesive Tape (Расширение тефлон самоклеящейся лентой)
Expansion Teflon self-adhesive tape is a white pure Teflon product with low density. It features a perfect flexibility, compressibility, outstanding corrosion resitance, aging resistance, creep resita
Конструкция графитового листа
 Reinforced Graphite Sheet (Конструкция графитового листа)
This producr is made from materials of three layers.At the middle of the composite plate is a stainless steel plate and on the sides expanded graphite plate. Then through speciallty pressing or sticki
Carbonized Fiber упаковки
Structure:The acrylic fiber is carbonized under high bemperature, then dipped into teflon emulsionAnd braided into carbonized fiber packing.Features:(1) suitable to dynamic sealing under general worki
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Structure:Expanded graphite stripe is braided into packing. Carbon fiber, copper wire, 304, 316and nickelAlloy wire is available as reinforcement.Features:( 1) The most effective sealing packing under
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Structure:The cutting pure flexible graphite sheet is wound and molding pressed into ring-like packing.Features:( 1) Fine self-lubricating.( 2) High elasticity coefficient( 3) 45 degree bevel cut is a
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Structure:Fiberglass is expanded in a special facility with high pressure air and mixed with fineGraphite powder and rubber resin and then braided into packing with lubricant.Features:(1) it features
Графит упаковки кольцо
Structure:304 steel ribbon steel net, nickel or platinum os added into the expanded graphite packingRing and molding pressed into ring-like packing.Features:(1) fine self-lubricating.(2) high elastici
Кевлар Fiber упаковки
Sstructure:Kevlar, a high strength organic fiber, is braided into packing and then dipped into TeflonEmulsion and lubricant (silicon oil) .Features:( 1) Kevlar fiber has super high strength and perfec
Безасбестовые упаковочный лист
Structure:The packing sheer is made of organic fiber such as Kevlar fiber and inorganic fiber such asFiberglass to be used as skeleton, special-purpose synthetic rubber as adhesive and special stuffin

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