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Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya , Selangor, Malaysia, Malaysia


We have Seller for the Commodity:AVIATION KEROSENE COLONIAL GRADE 54 JET FUEL JP1A1. Fixed Price: GROSS USD60. 00, NET USD55. 00 per Barrel2. Origin: Russia3. Quantity (Month) : 100, 000, 000 Barrels per Month (Subject to Port draft)4. Quantity (Total) : 1, 200, 000, 000 Barrels in 12mths, R & E for upto 60months5. Specifications: As per Appendix A6. Delivery term: INCOTERMS 2000 latest Edition CIF to ASWP7. Terms of Payment: United States Dollars (USD) to be assisted by Irrevocable, Transferable, Divisible, Assignable and Auto Revolving Documentary Letter of Credit (DL / C) . Payment instrument to be issued or Confirmed by a Top 25 World West European or American Bank payable 100% at sight to cover each monthly shipment and Auto revolving until completion the contract quantity.8. Performance Bond: 2% in USD to be assisted by a DL / C against a monthly contract value, Auto revolving for the entire contract.9. Contract Period: 12 consecutive months.10. Commission Paid per Barrel:A) USD2.50 Seller-side (closed)B) USD2. 50 Buyer-side
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Русский D2 (ГОСТ 305-82)
 Russian D2 (GOST 305-82) (Русский D2 (ГОСТ 305-82))
We work directly with the sellers and enjoy the access to more than 30 Refineries. We are in position to offer supply contracts from minimum 500,000MT x 12Months of Gas Oil L-0.2-62 HSD2 (GOST 305-82)
M100 - 75 (ГОСТ 10585-75)
We are next to Refiner`s mandate seller who can offer you minimum 200,000 MT per month x 12 months.Quantity: 500,000 mt per month x 12 months with extensionsOrigin: RussianPrice: USD285 / MTCommission
Русский D2 (ГОСТ 305-82)
We are in position to offer supply contracts from 500`000MT x 12Month of Low Sulphur High Speed Diesel, or Russian Origin at very competitive fixed price.Commodity: HSD2 (GOST 305-82) (Low Sulfur 0.02

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