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Asemanzamin Co
P. O Box 89175-417 Yazd-iran, Yazd, Iran (Islamic Republic of)


We can take to you best oils include indestrial and hidrolike white best price and best quality we like worke white you
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Our company located in iran we working whit many companys we can find best biscuite whit best price whit the best quality we like working whit your company.
Our company can help to you until find best carpet include wool- polyaster- acrelic in different size whit best price and best quality from iran we will glade corporation whit you
Белое масло
Our company can take you best white oil-spindle oil- jelly vaseline in the diverse property if you want correspond wich other please send me more information.
One of the best our product is rpo we like have a good corporation whit your company

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